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Employee Recognition

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Employee of the Month February 2022

Funderial would like to recognize HR & Financing Director Kate Halyuk as Employee of the month for February 2022! For her charity of choice, Kate has chosen to support Kent Animal Shelter in Calverton, NY and Funderial has donated $350 towards their cause. Kate has an incredible work ethic, positive and constructive attitude and a keen eye for detail. She is a team player and takes a 'company-first' approach to all of her work. Her go-getter mentality and day to day consistency helps make Funderial a great place to work and do business for our customers and colleagues alike.

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We would like to say a big THANKS! and congratulations to Kate for reaching over 6 years of employment with Funderial.

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David Kumar

David is a seasoned writing professional with more than 12 years of experience in writing. He has written for various genres, including digital marketing, Real Estate, and FinTech. He is passionate about technology-driven writing and is tuned to Finance Technology and its upsides for businesses. In his spare time, David enjoys reading books.

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