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Funderial’s merchant cash advance provides an innovative financial solution for businesses by allowing them to leverage future credit card sales for immediate funding.

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Capitalizing on Your Credit Card Sales

A merchant cash advance from Funderial is not a loan, but an advance based on the future credit card sales of a business. It offers a lump sum payment to a business in exchange for an agreed-upon percentage of future credit card sales. This arrangement is perfect for businesses with high credit card transaction volumes, looking for quick access to capital without the rigorous application process of traditional loans.

Our Exclusive Features at a Glance

Quick Access to Capital

Businesses can access funds rapidly, often within a few days of approval.

Flexible Repayment

Repayment adjusts with sales volume, making it easier to manage during slower business periods.

No Need for Collateral

MCAs are unsecured, meaning businesses don't need to put up assets as collateral.

High Approval Rates

Funderial approves more merchants, even those with less than perfect credit histories.

Minimal Paperwork

The application process is straightforward, with less documentation required compared to traditional loans.

No Hidden Fees

Clear and upfront terms ensure businesses know exactly what they are paying.

Benefits for Payroc Agents


Enhanced Service Offering:

Agents can provide a comprehensive package of financial tools, standing out from competitors.


Increased Revenue Streams

Offering MCAs can result in additional commissions and residuals from the increased use of credit card processing services.


Client Retention

By helping clients obtain the funding they need, agents can build stronger, long-term relationships.


Attract New Clients

The promise of easy-access funding is a strong selling point for prospective clients.


Solution Selling

Agents can present MCAs as a solution to cash flow problems, equipment needs, or expansion plans.


Simpler Client Qualification

Agents can easily identify qualifying clients based on their credit card sales, simplifying the prospecting process.


Support and Training

Funderial provides Payroc agents with the necessary training and support to understand MCAs thoroughly, allowing them to sell with confidence.

Benefits for Clients


Flexible Financing

Clients gain a financing option that adapts to their business cycles.


Cash Flow Management

Repayments made from a percentage of sales help maintain healthy cash flows.


Growth Opportunities

Quick funds can be used for inventory, marketing, expansion, or emergencies, fostering business growth.


No Long-Term Debt

Since an MCA is an advance, clients aren't incurring long-term debt, keeping balance sheets more attractive.


Loyalty to Their Agent

By offering a lifeline in times of need, clients are likely to remain loyal to their Payroc agent.

Spring 2024 Deal Spotlight

Payroc Payroc

By incorporating Funderial's merchant cash advance into their offerings, Payroc agents can deliver a powerful, flexible financing tool that aligns with the modern needs of businesses, promoting growth and fostering lasting client relationships.

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