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An SBA loan is a type of loan provided by approved lenders and backed by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). The SBA is a government agency that supports small businesses by providing them with resources, guidance, and access to financing. SBA loans are designed to assist small businesses in accessing capital they might not otherwise qualify for through conventional lending channels.

Benefits of SBA Loans

Favorable Terms and Interest Rates

Favorable Terms and Interest Rates

SBA loans offer competitive interest rates and favorable terms. These terms can vary depending on the specific SBA loan program, but they generally provide businesses with better borrowing costs than they might find with other financing options.

access to capital

access to capital

SBA loans are designed to help small businesses that might face challenges in obtaining financing. The SBA's guarantee mitigates some of the risk for lenders, making it more likely that small businesses, startups, and those with less-established credit histories can secure the funds they need.

flexible use of funds

flexible use of funds

SBA loans can be used for a variety of business purposes, such as working capital, equipment purchase, real estate acquisition, refinancing existing debt, and more. This flexibility allows businesses to address various financial needs.

Improving Cash Flow

longer repayment terms

SBA loans generally come with longer repayment terms compared to traditional loans. This extended repayment period can help businesses manage their cash flow and make affordable monthly payments.

Receive loans up to $5 million

Receive loans up to $5 million to fund your business

Flexible loan repayment terms up to 10 years!


Which product is right for your business?

Financial Product SBA Loans Business Line of Credit Revenue Based Financing SBA Loans
What is it? Lump sum loan repaid over a fixed term with interest Revolving credit line with a maximum limit Cash advance based on future credit card sales Government-backed loan with favorable terms
Loan Amount Higher loan amounts available Lower credit limits Variable, based on sales Variable, can be high
Repayment structure Fixed monthly payments Minimum monthly payments Daily/weekly deductions Fixed or variable
Interest Rates Fixed or variable rates Variable rates Factor rates or fees Generally lower rates
Collateral Often requires collateral Can be secured or unsecured Not based on collateral Typically requires collateral
Credit Requirements Moderate to high credit score needed Moderate credit score needed Less emphasis on credit score Moderate credit score needed
Approved Speed Moderate to lengthy approval process Faster approval process Quick approval process Moderate approval process
Usage Flexibility Flexible use of funds Flexible use of funds Flexible use of funds Restricted use of funds
Term Length 1 to 5+ years Open-ended, renewable No fixed term Varies
Application Process Detailed application process Less complex application Simple application Lengthy application process
Fees Origination fees possible Annual fees possible High factor rates/fees Various fees involved
Government Backing Not government-backed Not government-backed Not government-backed Government guaranteed
Suitable for Large investments, specific projects Managing cash flow Immediate funding needs Startups, expansions

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