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Equipment Financing

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Equipment Financing and Leasing

Compare the lowest prices and best terms for leasing
your business's equipment today.

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Affordable Monthly Payments

With payment schedules structured around your cash flow, budgeting for your business has never been easier.

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Tax Savings

Interest payments can be written off as expenses, reducing your taxable income.

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Keep Balances Low

By Leasing with Funderial you can free up more cash and keep available credit high.

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Immediate Decisions

Our process is driven by advanced API & AI technologies that enable us to provide speedy, accurate service.

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Options & Flexibility

We provide a full range of leasing options. From start-ups with no or low credit, all the way to established businesses with premium credit.

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New & Pre-Owned Equipment

Have the flexibility to evaluate savings and weigh potential benefits by going New vs. Used with your equipment lease.

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